Open KnowledgeWorker


Open KnowledgeWorker is a great platform for collaboration. You can create SCOs and courses together with worldwide partners. Comments and tasks help you communicate with each other.


You can easily share SCOs, media assets and whole courses between students, universities and the whole wide world. Open KnowledgeWorker also supports you with translation tools so that you can share your knowledge without boundaries. Of course you don't need to speak every language: other users will certainly help you with the translation.

Be efficient

You can save a lot of time and energy by reusing existing SCOs. Due to the modular structure of the system, all changes to the content need to be made only once: in the according SCO. All courses using the SCO are updated automatically.

The heart of Open KnowledgeWorker is collaboration.

The heart of Open KnowledgeWorker is collaboration.

All knowledge is safed in small units, the SCOs (Sharable Content Objects). These SCOs can be created by one or more authors, they can be shared, used, edited and changed.

For the creation of courses numerous SCOs are combined according to the learning target.

Open KnowledgeWorker also provides powerful translation tools. It supports the translation of SCOs into more than 50 languages, even right-to-left languages as e.g. Arabic.